The law regarding the treatment of employees by employers is multifaceted and complicated being governed by UK statutes, EC regulations and case law. Most claims for compensation arising out of disputes in the workplace are handled by specialist employment law solicitors who are experts in this particular legal arena. Specialist lawyers know and understand the complexities that govern this field of law and are effective at winning cases in both the Employment Tribunal and in the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Help for Employees

Our specialist employment law solicitors provide qualified legal advice on all matters that are related to working practice in the United Kingdom. No win no fee claims for employees are totally risk free and if you do not win your case, you do not pay any legal fees or expenses whatsoever. If you need free initial advice from an employment law solicitor with no further obligation just call us or complete the contact form or email our offices.

Our solicitors can assist you by providing employment law advice :-

  • Enlightening you on your rights as an employee.
  • Helping you to understand exactly what your contract means.
  • Assisting you in establishing whether or not you have a potential claim.

In you believe that you have a claim for compensation against your employer as a result of your rights having been violated our lawyers can help by :-

  • Making an assessment of your evidence to establish your chances of success in a claim before the Employment Tribunal.
  • Giving employment law advice on the best course of action to protect your legal rights and to ensure that the correct approach is made to the Employment Tribunal .
  • Representing you at the Employment Tribunal in order to recover your financial losses.

A successful claim not only provides compensation for losses but also gives satisfaction to the employee in the knowledge that the company is forced to revise its policies to make an improvement in the work environment or else risk having several more employees file a claim against them. A successful claim also puts pressure on the business community in general to be vigilant in upholding the rights of their workers.

Help for Employers

Our employment law solicitors also offer legal advice to employers to enable them to be more knowledgeable on the requirements necessary to protect their company from claims which includes :-

  • Legal advice on employers responsibilities towards their employees.
  • Advice on the legalities of hiring or employing individuals.
  • Assistance in the negotiation of contracts.
  • Recommendations on making policies for employee-employer relations.
  • Counseling on redundancies.
  • Representing employers during disputes with employees.
  • Assistance in formulating procedures for grievances, disciplinary and dismissal actions.

These matters are in the main dictated by UK and EC legislation however they are also governed by case law emanating mainly from the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The rules and regulations are by their very nature forever changing to cope with the demands of society. Changes can be rapid and it is important for a business to receive the best advice available to ensure that it is complying with the law. Our lawyers are able to supply just such a service either on a one off or on a retainer basis.

No Win No Fee

Our employment law solicitors provide expert, qualified advice on all matters related to employer/employee disputes in the UK. The no win no fee scheme is totally risk free and if you do not succeed in obtaining compensation then you do not pay any legal fees or expenses whatsoever. You will receive free advice without further obligation from an expert lawyer. To talk to a specialist today just email our offices or call us on the helpline or complete the contact form.

Employee Rights

Specialist employment law solicitors are qualified to give advice on a wide range of issues appertaining to employees rights in the workplace including issues relating to working conditions, age and disability, abuse, discrimination and harassment both racial and sexual, hours worked and holiday and sick pay. If employees rights are being violated on these and many more issues a specialist employment law solicitor can help employees get the compensation that they deserve.

Employment Tribunal

When an employee issues a claim in the Employment Tribunal it usually makes the employer aware of what is actually happening within the company. This almost inevitably forces change which benefits not only the employees within that company but has the knock on effect as serving as a warning to other similar companies. The results from the Employment Tribunal also serve as a barometer for the Government which becomes aware of those issues that need change by way of legislation.


Probable no area of law changes as quickly as matters relating to employer/employee relationships. The Employment Appeal Tribunal constantly shifts the boundaries of the law by interpreting every facet of the established legislation. Modern technology alone places a great burden on the interpretation of the existing law due to the nature and speed of technological change that occurs constantly. Our panel of lawyers are specialists dealing only in matters relating to disputes between employers and employees and are charged with the difficult job of keeping their knowledge of the relevant law fresh and up to date. If you are looking for an expert then you need look no further. Dont take pot luck down your local high street when we can provude you with a real expert at no cost.

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